Out Of Bounds - Members/BIO

David "The RockDoc" Rosenfeld - Guitar/Vocals 

Sean McCoy-Vocals/Guitar 

Steve Pasqua- Bass 

Drew Sosa-Drums 

                                                                                                                                                      Whether you like you rock on the field or "out of bounds", One high-energy rock band out of Central Jersey is sure to catch your attention. OUT OF BOUNDS mixes riffing guitars with driving power and soulful melodies. Singer Sean McCoy leads each song with a hard-rocking soulful vocal on songs written by guitarist David "The RockDoc" Rosenfeld, which are edgy, melodic, and catchy. The RockDoc also sings lead vocals on a handful of OUT OF BOUNDS songs making him and Sean the Gene and Paul, or the Paul and John of OUT OF BOUNDS. Bandmates, David Rosenfeld and Bassist Steve Pasqua, performed in a local cover band called In Transition. After a chance jam session in 2015 with one of Steve's co-workers, guitarist and singer Sean McCoy, they realized their chemistry was undeniable and OUT OF BOUNDS was formed with David's son Daniel on Drums. After only four weeks of playing together, OUT OF BOUNDS earned themselves a spot performing at the inaugural Rock Carnival in Clark,NJ. For OUT OF BOUNDS the ride has been amazing ever since with a slew of amazing shows at venues around the tri-state area sprinkled in allowing the band to network with many of New Jersey's best musicians. In 2016, Daniel would have to vacate his drum seat for college before OUT OF BOUNDS' repeat performance at the second Rock Carnival in Lakewood,NJ. Drew Sosa is currently behind the kit for OUT OF BOUNDS solidifying their lineup once again.                                                                                                                                 The Debut CD, Blacked Out featuring "you Still Hold My Heart","Comin", and "Bleeding away" was produced by Black Label Society bassist John "JD" DeServio. Fans of bands like Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Guns 'N' Roses, Velvet Relover and The Stone Temple Pilots will really enjoy OUT OF BOUNDS  and their debut CD Blacked Out. Moving forward, OUT OF BOUNDS looks to build their online presence and make merchandise available to their growing fan base, while possibly finding management.          After all, this can't be a rock 'N' roll band if they played within the Lines. Rock 'N' Roll was meant to be played OUT OF BOUNDS.